Thursday, February 4, 2016

Can Agile prevent Heros // Promoting Individual and Team Success

Hosts: Joe Blotner & Don Shanks

Question: Can Agile processes prevent the Hero Dynamic in a team?
Question: How can we better promote Individual and Team Success?

The two sessions were joined because there was thought to be some connection with the subjects. 

How are we supposed to treat the one's we recognize as heroes?

Why do individuals vie for the Hero role?
  • It's unsafe to not be a hero, this may be due to expectations set by the organization.
  • The expectation is set from above and rewards are given.
Can we prevent the Hero expectation?

Pluses to having a role model
  • Set as a role model for others
  • Can be a mentor to others on the team
  • Can present an atmosphere of apathy - Why should I do it when he will?
  • In the same area, it serves as an excuse not to act
Way to fix it if it is a problem include:
  • Avoid the altruism excuse - Look I took the bullet for the team
  • Make for more effective rewards for the team
  • Change management
Other observations
  • There can be a thin line between a Hero and a Role model. Care has to be taken to prevent discouragement

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