Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Facilitating Agile Teams

While sometimes called a manager or leader,  I propose that the more correct title is facilitator.  Let's have a discussion about that role and what is needed to be successful which should finds its definition in what is like to have a successful team.

Traits of a good facilitator.
- Removes impediments
- Promotes harmony
- Promotes communication
- Promotes a safe environment
- Appropriately handles urgent or perhaps not urgent issues
- Adequately shields team
- Encourages learning
- Empowers the team

Techniques used by a good facilitator
- Is an example
- Procuring agile team members
- Shares ideas
- Has retrospectives
- Shuts up when needed
- Creates development plans,  requests 360 feedback
- Asks questions that coach
- Creates a social environment ( team events)
- Maybe uses per pressure
- Concensus on decisions
- Disagree but commit
- Experiments with time box or metrics
- Push limits
- Use lean coffee

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