Friday, February 5, 2016

Getting Things Done In One-Tenth the Time

Michael J. Tardiff
Seattle US
@mjtSession host: Michael Tardiff

We had a reduced and condensed last-ever version that incorporated all the
learning that has resulted from two years of doing this workshop.

Well, workshop? It was 2 minutes and 35 seconds long. The first time. We did it again for folks who were late: two minutes. And once again, for more latecomers: 35 second. Used one-tenth the time (6 minutes, compared to session length at AONW2016 of 60 minutes) to do the session *three times*, for three groups.

Then, after the season was over, did it three more times when people stopped in the hall and asked: 17 seconds, and 2 minutes 15 seconds.

This is not to brag. This is just to say: we can do enough in less time if we aim for "The Simplest Thing That Could Possibly Work" instead of everything.

I have 11 pages of notes gained from doing this session for over three years. I have learned enough to make this a 90-minute session.

I haven't. The one-tenth of the time is enough. Sufficient. It works.

Missed the session? Go to

and read the Vin d'Amico post that started it all. It's all there.

Pics, to prove it happened:

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