Thursday, February 4, 2016

Hiring and retaining

Hiring and retaining. Hosted by Mary Panza
Thursday at 1pm

Job description - do we communicate we're Agile?

Interview ideas:
Ask questions to gauge curiosity and interest in subject. What tech trends are you following? Is there any new technology that excites you? 

Pair during the interview
Pair with 1 Dev and a project manager/product owner to provide feature requests during interview?
Add a bar raiser - someone who understands what this level looks like across the organization.
Do a collaboration screen.
Offer long term pairing - all day, multiple days.

Is short term contract still a thing?

Commitment is different between both parties when the term is short versus permanent. Set the bar higher for permanent hired by making sure there's a good fit, not just good tech skills. Structure the interview so it matches how you work day to day. And have everyone who had interaction with the candidate give feedback.

Agile managers need to manage in an agile fashion.
Employee development needs to include coaching to exceed expectations, not just meet them.
Manage for continuous improvement and provide opportunities to improve.

Value manager skills beyond technical prowess.

Provide employees opportunities for iterative improvement, fast feedback, and remove roadblocks.

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