Friday, February 5, 2016

Not Your Boring Standup



Not Your Boring Standup

Thursday, February 4, 2016

9:58 AM

Check-in protocol

 Book: software for your head; McCarthy

"core protocols"


·       Mad / Glad / Sad / Afraid or Pass

·       I'm in

·       Welcome


 Using emotionally information sharing to build team

Make work more than just about the work, make it about the people that do the work do

Gives insight into what might be going into team member's personal lives

Team empathy / bonding / communication / sharing


How address typical standup function such as what work is getting done today?

Right after standup people self-organize to discuss issues / blocking items (sounded like ad hoc parking lot of groups of 2-3 people


Presenters Background / Experience

Small companies (9-30 people), with small teams

Teams very experienced with Agile already, don't need help recognizing blockers

Started by adding this method to beginning of typical standup


 Ask team why are we doing standup - make sure all agree about why doing it? Status sharing? Trust building?



Why I'm in?

"means I'm fully present"

Book has a page explaining contract with yourself that when you say "I'm in" means you are reaffirming commitment to that contract

Checkout as safety valve

Why Welcome

Feels a little weird at first, but it's powerful. Don't force it.

Everyone's saying it together, paying attention. Group affirmation.

Parking Lot

Time limit?

Personal vs. work

No restrictions on it, tends to be a mix of both



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