Thursday, February 4, 2016

Agile Enablement Teams

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  1. This was a totally awesome session. I transcribed the post-its so that I can more easily share them.

    What do we want to talk about today?
    Elevator pitch for Enablement Teams (5 votes)
    Pre-reqs to AET (7 votes)
    Scope/services offered (9 votes)
    Are we successful/how to show ROI? (7 votes)
    Structure of the TEam (3 votes)
    Where does this team live? (5 votes)
    Quick wins (3 votes)

    Pre-req to an Agile Enablement Team
    Exec buy-in
    Predetermined department (is it cross-dept or just within one?)
    Charter (what is the problem we’re trying to solve?)
    Identify stakeholders
    Initial backlog of issues
    Define team
    Set expectations
    Train the team
    Org/stakeholder assessment
    Goals of org
    Be able to quantify the pain we want to address

    Scope/services offered
    Live + on-demand training
    Agile liftoff
    Base/foundation training
    Share best practices
    Communities of Practice
    Exec -> tech team training
    Learning org
    Backlog discovery workshops
    Scrum Masters embedded
    Library books, ebooks
    More cross-department decisions
    Embed coaching
    Coaching for execs
    Coaching for teams
    Team practices coaching
    “Vent” area for teams
    PO coaching
    On-call coaching (drop-in/as-needed)
    Business coaching
    Improvement coaching
    Continuous improvement coaching kata
    Tool selection and setup
    Central doc repository
    Tips and tricks, emails, cool tools [sic]
    Embed PO
    Supplies and space
    Language glossary (consistent)
    Observe, measure
    Transformation vs. effectiveness
    Economic modeling of change
    Report out methodologies
    Ecosystem fluency assessments
    Current state assessment
    Team maturity assessment
    Systemic impediment removal
    Agile change champions
    Agile fluency assessments
    Team change health scorecards

    Higher quality product delivered faster (with more value)
    Stakeholders’ needs are met
    Impediments are identified and resolved (faster)
    The entire org becomes more agile (marketing, sales)
    Better understand of the greater whole
    Increased visibility (burndown, team happiness)
    We’re able to pivot/change easier
    Higher level of ability in Agile practices
    Adapt industry-wide Agile surveys to your org
    We have more opportunities for success